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CHAT Annual Report 2016-2017

Hoosier Uplands’ CHAT (Choices Helping Abstinent Teens) Program is an abstinence education program offered to Junior High and High School health classes at Mitchell Community Schools, North Lawrence Community Schools, Springs Valley Community Schools, and West Washington School Corporation. The purpose of the CHAT Program is to encourage students to practice abstinence in order to prevent teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. This eight-module program is also designed to educate students about how to have healthy relationships, including ways to deal with peer pressure and partner pressure.  


CHAT Program Goals

·        To educate 100% of the junior high and high school students about the risks associated with sexual behavior.

·        To provide students with the skills necessary to live an abstinent lifestyle.

·        To help students identify goals and dreams for their future.

·        To give students the sense of self-efficacy and confidence required to allow them to make sound decisions about their sexual choices.

Program Funding

Hoosier Uplands received a grant from the Indiana State Department of Health, Division of Maternal and Child Health, which funds this program along with local partners. The CHAT Program plans to service over 500 students in the 2014-2015 academic school year with this grant. There are no costs for students to participate in this program.