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Area XV Agency on Aging - Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC)

Hoosier Uplands is your local Aging and Disability Resource Center


The Aging and Disability Resource Center Program (ADRC) is a collaborative effort designed to streamline access to long-term care. The ADRC initiative is part of a nationwide effort to restructure services and supports for older adults and younger persons with disabilities and it complements other long term care system change activities designed to enhance access to community living.

The ADRC works as a “One-Stop-Shop” program for the community and was developed to help people make informed decisions about their service and support options and serve as the entry point to the long-term support system. Integrated points of entry strive to create community-wide service systems that reduce consumer confusion and build consumer trust and respect by enhancing individual choice and informed decision-making.

Resource Center programs provide information and assistance to individuals needing either public or private resources, professionals seeking assistance on behalf of their clients, and individuals planning for the future long-term care needs. Resource Centers also serve as the entry point to publicly administered long-term supports including those funded under Medicaid, the Older Americans Act and state revenue programs.

Services are focused on the elderly and disabled, but the ADRC’s are working towards the goal of serving all individuals with long-term care needs regardless of their age or disability. Resource Centers serve individuals of all income levels and are working towards one comprehensive, integrated assessment and eligibility determination (financial and functional) process.

Hoosier Uplands is proud to be a part of this nation-wide program.

The ADRC Program begins with the Information and Referral staff. The Information and Referral staff takes the initial calls or walk-ins. Our staff will provide information and resources to assist that are available within the communities and also conduct the initial intake procedures for individuals needing services.

When clients need additional assistance, our staff can offer Long-Term Support Options Counseling. Options Counseling is an interactive decision-support process whereby consumers, family members and/or significant others are supported in their deliberations to determine appropriate long-term care choices in the context of the consumer’s needs, preferences, values and individual circumstances.

When you need assistance, contact Hoosier Uplands at 812-849-4457 or 800-333-2451.  Persons with hearing/speech disabilities please call Frontier's TRS at (800) 743-3333.
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